Lubuntu on Raspberry pi4 - violet screen

Hello, Im new on Linux and following a youtube tutorial I install Ubuntu 19.10 64bits on my new raspberry pi 4 and install the LUBUNTU desktop. At the finish the system only show me a violet screen without any icon, only an upper bar with the sound icon, wifi and turn off, and a word “activities” at the left side of that bar, when I click on that word it open a panel with the icons.

But in youtube I see that LUBUNTU has some “windows” aspect, with icons, and down bar.

Help me please!!!

This is something that I have been meaning to write a guide to do. I was able to get Lubuntu 19.10 installed on a pi3b+ which should work on a pi4 as well. I basically adapted the guide for Xubuntu found here substituting xubuntu-desktop^ slick-greeter for lubuntu-desktop^ sddm
Can you post the link to the YouTube video that you got your instruction from?

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