LUbuntu loading slowness

After “burining” the ISO to the USB I had discovered that it’s very slowly loading.

Really? 8M per cycle? less wasn’t possible? maybe you should give 8 bit to make it more slow (irony)
The next issue is the integrity check every run with is hard to cancel - I pressed multiple times the “Ctrl+C” keys before it sometimes canceled it

Please urgently fix above issues

In my experience… booting live images from USBs can have the effect of noticeably slower boot times but this will be dependent on varying factors… like distro chosen, pc specs, USB specs, etc.

How it’s actually taking you 8 min to boot to login—IDK—but I know for sure that I have seen varying times based on the image used and target system.

With that said… this is a forum for Lubuntu but your title lists Ubuntu.

What version of Lubuntu (e.g. 20.04) did you burn to the USB?

I’ve never seen an 8 minute boot. Maybe you’re exaggerating?

With regards to the integrity check, yeah, that’s an overarching Ubuntu problem that is a known bug. What that means is: every single flavor of Ubuntu, including Ubuntu itself, faces it.

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I’m testing lubuntu 20.04 and 20.10.

While booting the Lubuntu from a liveUSB stick, I see:

bz-image, setup=0x3c00, size=0xd0fe20:
0M / 13M …=>… 8M / 13M

and then

8M / 91M …=>… 16M / 91M… and so on till it get to 91M / 91M. After this finishes, it launches the integrity check.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Would also be nice to have some information on your hardware…i.e what CPU and how much/little RAM.

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I agree with this idea, but I’m struggling to understand what screen they are seeing before the disk integrity check that shows these numbers they’re referring to.

Please read it again. I had edited it to make it more clear

Though casper/initrd are certainly loaded as part of every booting, I’ve never seen a countdown to them loading, i.e. they are near instantaneous. I can only imagine you have a machine limited in resources.WIthout more details, it’s hard to say anything definitive.

CPU: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+

Did the integrity check pass?

yes, every time. The user should be able to choose if he/she want to run it or not and not that it’s started every run

And you have this exact same problem with both 20.04 and 20.10? Have you tried other flavors like Xubuntu to see if they have the same situation?

Furthermore, given you suggest elsewhere that this machine has hardware problems, are you sure your issue isn’t somehow related to similar problems? Linux can do wonderful things but it can’t fix broken.

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I didn’t tryed any else, except the server version, with has the same issue with missing wifi drivers and not installed required packages, so I think it may be a Ubuntu (and any derivatives) related issue, but it need to become checked by more people to become confirmed as a bug

The wifi drivers is no surprise because there’s a long history of closed sourced software being needed to run them and that runs against the whole notion of most Linux distros. I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about the delay before the integrity check. Did you see that anywhere else?

I haven’t paid much attention to the screen whole time, just some quick looks in the mean time and when I did that, I saw only counting up the loading of as first of a strange bz-image with given info and size of 13 M and after it the counting up of the casper/intrd with the size of 91 M.

What you saw is something I have never seen, even on the slowest of machines I’ve used. I’m becoming increasingly convinced your issue is related directly to your hardware failing to function as it should.

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Just an FYI:

The defaulting to verify the image integrity before installing is the same for Ubuntu and all flavors.

It was introduced roughly a year ago, but that is not Lubuntu specific. Issues with that should be taken up at the Ubuntu discourse, or via bug report (the skip does work, but if you’re not ready to hit it at the correct time, it is easily missed, as once the scan has reached a certain point it won’t skip)


I was just recently playing with Lubuntu on a more-ancient computer, a generation previous. From inxi:

Dual core AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+

It ran like a champ. I’m used to modern hardware and was so impressed by the performance that I remarked on it, with great verbosity, on just a couple of days ago. It was even more impressive when I swapped in an SSD and added RAM, but it was perfectly usable before that.

So, my guess is that there’s a hardware issue or maybe some sort of disk issue. Is the USB device old, maybe only supporting USB 1.1? Check those things, because Lubuntu runs just fine on that ancient computer.