Lubuntu kinetic not reviving from suspend with new 5.19.5 kernel?


Had some issues with kinetic not upgrading the kernel, got that straightened out . . . today was “Lubuntu” day running the newer 5.19.5 kernel and two times when I had suspended the machine, when I clicked the keyboard to revive, the machine started running, but the display did not??

Happened one time before running some apt dist-upgrades and one time after. Mainline showed a new 5.19.11 kernel as “available,” but, as it is only one click newer than 5.19.5 I didn’t install it . . . .

Possibly this might be a “bug” . . . the question is, where is it??

How did you straighten out the problem with the kernel not being updated in Kinetic? I have that problem now, described here Lubuntu Kinetic - Kernel not updating, still on 5.15.0-46


I’m responding over here . . . so in my case the situation was a bit “complicated” because I have a multi-boot set up, with a SUSE OS as the grub controller, but Lubuntu/Ubuntu likes to be in charge of grub . . . so there was “conflict” and that meant Lu decided it didn’t want to play with the other kids.

I got some feedback as well on the lubuntu list serve, but what I had to do was to “edit” grub to show the 5.19 kernel which is like a one time thing, you have to manually do it each time. I used “mainline” which is a console app to install the newer kernel, but still grub wasn’t selecting it, so I had to edit grub to boot the newer kernel, then use mainline to remove the older kernel . . . and then go to the controller system and update grub.

Possibly if you only have one system on grub you might just run “sudo update-grub” . . . but you have to have the newer kernel installed to get grub to “see” it and select it to boot.

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About OS not returning from suspend is high percentage the problem is related with video and BIOS.
What is your video card ?

I forgot to check this problem yesterday when I booted Lubuntu, I was in a hurry . . . ran an apt update and shut down.

It has an Nvidia card GT780??? likely running “nouveau” driver. I’m not using proprietary, because they don’t keep up with the newest kernels . . . .

You are using what kernel version ?
Have an patch working for binary driver compatible with kernel 6.0.

I believe that Lubuntu is running 5.19.5 kernel right now. When I get a chance I’ll try to click it up to 6.0 and give it a run. Prolly be a couple of days, lots of “stuff” going on right now.

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