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On booting a live system, there is a delay before snap packages can be started.

This has a negative effect on other icons such as “Lubuntu Manual” link on the desktop. If a user is patient (enough) the desktop link will work, alas the error before that time makes the issue appear as a error in the system

Error: Invalid desktop entry file: ‘/home/lubuntu/Desktop/lubuntu-manual.desktop’

giving no indication that a wait is required. This issue should probably be mentioned in the release notes.

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guiverc> @Leokolb noticed (a couple of days ago) the install logo on our kinetic ISO no longer runs, it has a (!) on it & requires you to “trust this executable” before it’ll run… Can we return this to executing without ‘trust this’ being used?

Filed (prior occurrence) which has been fixed, but has re-appeared as Bug #1981938 “Selecting Install Lubuntu 22.10 from desktop resul...” : Bugs : libfm-qt package : Ubuntu with a new re-filing. It should resolve with luck

<arraybolt3[m]> guiverc: I think it has to do with a recent libfm-qt fiasco that’s supposed to just go away eventually (Simon already has it taken care of and, if I’m understanding correctly, it just needs accepted and then gotten into the ISO)

On daily 2022-10-13 this appears to have been resolved.