Lubuntu Kinetic - Default web browser

I was wondering what the default web browser is. I have Firefox (comes with Lubuntu), Chromium (installed via Discover) and Opera (installed via Discover).

Looking into the settings of all of them, none seems to be set as default web browser.
I see for example in Firefox settings

General > Startup 
Firefox is not your default browser        Make default...

Looking into Preferences > Alternatives Configurator I see 1 entry
www-browser /usr/bin/w3m 25 /usr/share/man/man1/w3m.1.gz

Is this configured as my default web browser?
How to configure my default web browser, for example Firefox?

I ask because of Bug #1981901 “Weird behavior on display, since kernel versions 5...” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu (comment #3) and don’t know what the default browser on my Lubuntu Kinetic is.


That “w3m” thing looks like it is indeed your default browser. It’s a text-based Web browser, and it makes sense of the odd screen you were seeing (I saw the bug report).


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