Lubuntu jammy issue tracker - OS-PROBER grub 2.06

Item to watch - install alongside, install using existing partition etc for Lubuntu jammy.

I just rebooted my primary box (I tend to do about fornightly) so it’d been running 16 days, and I was hit by the OS_PROBER issue.

My system is dual boot; my other OS being 20.04; but it wasn’t there for me to select in grub, in fact with only a single OS detected I didn’t even see the grub menu.

I haven’t confirmed this is an issue hitting new installs, but I bet it will. When Lubuntu 21.04 reaches EOL my current 21.04 install kept for support purposes will shift to a 22.04 QA-test install & I’ll be noticing this rather regularly I suspect.

It’s not impacting 20.04 installs I believe (last QA-test install with focal daily was 2-3 days ago), but I’m betting it’ll hit certain BIOS jammy installs at a minimum (not full-disk or dual-boot types).

This topic created for tracking purposes primarily (it’s still early days so this is of no importance currently)


Ran into this issue twice in the past few days installing Kubuntu Jammy and also Ubuntu Mate Jammy on “install alongside” installs. The original bug report is here Bug #1955109.
Planning on testing Lubuntu Jammy later today. :grinning:


Thanks @leok

I’m disappointed in that I saw that bug report appear on #ubuntu-bugs-announce, and intended to test for it… but never got around to it :frowning: Alas, it was forgotten and whilst I was convinced I’d seen a report for it; I didn’t find it when this box didn’t have the other OS listed (I think I found the original focal report & it b/c of the focal on it I missed it’s importance).

Thank you.

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I can confirm this also in Lubuntu Jammy - tested ISO 23-12-2021

Comment #5 in the bug report suggests a workaround.