Lubuntu 23.04 - iotop no scrolling in qterminal

I’m on Lubuntu 23.04.
Because of some writing issues on my SSD I monitor disk IO via iotop.

Usually I use the key a to see the accumulated stats, also using key p to see threads.

I cannot scroll along the lines within the running iotop, neither with up or down arrow keys, nor with PgUp or PgDn keys on my external keyboard, nor with the mouse wheel. I can see at the right side a scroll bar but it covers the whole height, that’s probably why scrolling is not possible.

Is this a known bug of iotop, or is this maybe due to iotop running in qterminal?

I see at the bottom of iotop permanently 3 lines

keys: any: refresh ...etc.
sort: r: asc ...etc.
CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT and kernel.task_delayacct sysctl not enabled in kernel, cannot determine SWAPIN and IO %

Also, I recognized that in my monitoring scenario I see from time to time that threads are appearing in the list, usually at the top (sorting default is descending), writing an amount to disk and then disappearing from the list. I thought that as I choose to see the accumulated stats that every thread ever during running iotop is writing to disk is listed. But that doesn’t look to be the case, some are gone after writing to disk. It seems to make no difference if I switch from active to all with o key, simply not listed anymore in the list. I believe at one point in time it was APT, I must have ran sudo apt update or similar and it appeared in the list but was gone afterwards.

How to configure/monitor with iotop to see every thread during monitoring session that has written to disk? Otherwise such monitoring scenario makes less sense as I cannot determine 100% what was going on.

Yes, it is built that way.

Maybe this will help.


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