Lubuntu 22.04 - Window Effects - X Render or GLX (OpenGL)

In the settings category

Preferences > LXQt Settings > Window Effects > Special Effect Settings > Other

there are two options for Rendering backend

X Render
GLX (OpenGL)

What to choose there, what is the better option?
Is there any advantage or disadvantage choosing the one or the other?
I have no clue what the differences are, by means in performance, etc.

Also, after installation of Lubuntu 22.04 I installed via apt the mesa-utils.
Does this affect any of the two options?

I have a mini pc with Intel Celeron J4105 with integrated graphics unit Intel UHD Graphics 600.


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You do realize Lubuntu jammy is currently the development release, and thus a lot of things there currently will change, and problems maybe encountered between now and release time. It’s not a supported release having not been released yet. If you have problems with it, we’d love to hear about them, as development is the easiest stage to assess and make corrections if needed.

The release schedule can be found here; and note it changes name from jammy to 22.04 when it reaches RC which is still way off into the future (ETA is sometime after 14 April 2022 in the schedule)

A lot of decisions are still at the discussion/packaging stage, as freezes are still some time away (24 February 2022) so support replies would be better discussing Lubuntu 21.10 or a stable system, rather than the moving target that Lubuntu jammy currently is.


Yes, formally you’re correct.
This options are also available with 21.10 and before.

The manual only says:
To switch to hardware accelerated rendering of the compton backend press the GLX(OpenGL) button. To change back to the default rendering press the X Render button.

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