Lubuntu 22.04.1 LTS Upgrade - Boot trace canceled

Hello, I am new in the forum. I am creating this topic to post a query concerning the upgrade Lubuntu 22.04.1 LTS on a Acer Travelmate 648-M. I realized that if I do an upgrade, when I restart the system, the boot trace is canceled. Could be a mismatch of hardware (a SSD of 1TB type NCFF) or with the BIOS. This phenomenon happens since the summer 2022 and not before. If I do not upgrade the system, everything is ok.
Many thanks in advance.

Could you go into more detail about a “boot trace” being canceled? I’m not familiar with what “boot trace” means. Do you have multiple operating systems installed on the system and the boot menu no longer appears if you upgrade? Is there a particular screen that you aren’t seeing? Does the system fail to boot entirely?

Hi, many thanks for your feedback. Sorry for my too synthetic and not good description. For “boot trace” I mean the file efi where there is the starting point of boot at the power on.
Actually I have only one SO installed, no dual boot.
When the boot starting disappears, the screen shows “Reset system” message, and the powering restart, and this goes on in loop.
I fear that there is an incompatibility of the M2 SSD NCFF (1 tb).
Or the SSD is becoming failed.
Many thanks again

The disk is an Xraydisk Internal SATA SSD 1TB M2

I think I can help, but I am concerned about a possible language barrier interfering. If you would prefer, I can have this post moved to the support area for your native language, so you can speak in your native language. I can use a translator. That might be easier for both of us and make my directions easier to follow.

Are you able to boot a live USB? Also, if you repeatedly press Esc during early boot, can you get to a GRUB rescue prompt?

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Many thanks. I appreciate your proposal to switch info the Italian support area.
Yes, the system con boot from usb, but I did not try to press ESC. I could try tomorrow. The previuos SSD installerò did not give problems, then when I changed the disk, I hai problems. But if I re-install the old ssd, the boot does not start from it and reports no bootable disk (I will try now with ESC). Even if I try to boot from usb with the old SSD, it does not start.
Many thanks again.


Hello, I am Soru whether I missed time. I did not find the transfert of this post to ITALIAN section, but no problem. In the meantime I did attempts: I tried to press ESC at the boot, but without any success. Now I got back the SATA SSD M2. What I do not understand is why the old SATA SSD M2 previously installed cannot be boot by USB, neither if I re-install it inside the pc. Instead if I put this SSD in a USB adapter, I succed in booting via usb on another pc. Could it be a hardware problem on the Travelmate ACER?

Sorry, not Soru :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:*

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Are you able to boot the old SSD from USB by using the boot menu? Or does the SSD not show up in the boot menu at all?

Hello. If I go to the boot menu pressing F2 (into the firmware settings) I can see all the boot options and it detects the Old SSD from USB, but when I boot it does not boot. I feed that I shoud re-install the SO from the be beginning, but.I do not want.

What error message does it show when you try? Do you get that same “Reset system” error?

When I switch the pc on, Reset System, then it reboots automatically and it reports no bootable disk.

I correct myself: When I power the pc on, it appears “Reset System” for about 2 seconds, then the pc restart automatically and it reports “no bootable disk”.

Sorry for the delay, but I could not understand the email Messages I received, and I abandoned the battle and do not use that pc anymore. But I would like only to understand whether I used not well this message box and notifications. Best regards.

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