Lubuntu 22.04.1 LTS "packages being kept back"

I got a refurbished Dell Latitude 3190 2in1. I just installed the new 22.04.1 from a USB, erasing the hard drive. Install went fine, and I connected to the Internet and tried to do an upgrade, but the upgrade got stuck. After 30 minutes, I forced reboot, then upgrades wouldn’t work at all from the GUI or the command line. I followed the advice of @paui from this post. Then the command line started working again, but when it upgrades, it gives me a message that 7 packages have been kept back:
libinput-bin libinput10 python3-software-properties software-properties-common software-properties-qt ubuntu-advantage-tools update-notifier-common
7 not upgraded.

I have no idea how significant this is, or how to fix it. Advice?

Those packages that have been kept back are part of phased update. They will be updated on your computer at some time in the future. You do not need to do anything now.

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To install them Simply type sudo apt install (all the packages held back)…

That’s odd - the update getting stuck is sadly a known issue with no good fix, but upon reboot, the GUI updater should have been able to pick up where it left off due to a fix we released to at least make the situation better. I’ll test and see what’s going on there.

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Might be useful.

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