Lubuntu 21.04 LXQT network icon connection not work if 3G connection was disconnected

When connection in 3G connection if the connection is disconnected by low signal the icon not is possible connect if not restarting modem manager service.
Is random if the connection menu is or not displayed. If menu is disaplyed even clicking in connect not will be done the command to connect and some times will be displayed an window message with “connection disconnected” being that disconnected several seconds before.
Need disable modemmanager service after disable network in LXQT widget menu and wait few seconds and after restart modemmanager and enable network in LXQT widget menu and the menu to connect to mobile broadband will be available.
That issue not happen in 20.04.
Look how if when the internet access is disconnected and create an problem internally in LXQT widget that only restarting the modemmanager service thus is used command for LXQT disable and enable network mobile broadband menus for connection.

Only reporting.
Thanks for read.

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