Lubuntu 21.04 internet browse back using key backspace not work

In windows if press keyboard key backspace in browse return previous web site or previous page link.
In Lubuntu need configure to use it ?
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Does this work?

Alt +

Also, did back key work before 21.04?

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Alt + backspace not works.
backspace not works in 20.04 and 21.04

I understand now. I don’t know if it’s supposed to work under LXQt but go figure. I’ll let someone else with more knowledge than me give an answer. Good luck!

Unhappily another problem with LXQT is not having option to use mouse scroll page by page.
Thanks for your reply.

i believe it is depend on what browser and what type of keyboard layout that you are using.
if you are using firefox, please go this page.

and the answer for your quesion is maybe ctrl + [
since the alt + ← not working.

To further expand on this comment, Firefox removed the backspace key as the default back in February.


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Just in case: I understand the shortcut is, “Alt + Left-arrow” (and it works on Firefox, by the way).


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