Lubuntu 20.04 LTS Setup Error and the Solution

Hi! I wanted to install Lubuntu 20.04 LTS on my computer. But it gave an error, and aborted. I found the solution, and will share details.

I installed it next to Windows 10, on a 128 GB SSD. Partitioned it using Lubuntu installer itself.
When it aborted the setup, I rebooted the computer, and opened Lubuntu live installer again. (Booted from USB Memory Stick)

Before starting the setup, I made /dev/sda1 a FAT32 partition.
I created this partition when I launched the setup first time.
I found this solution from a different situation, but it worked perfect!

I used this command on terminal :
mkfs.fat -F32 /dev/sda1

Which option did you select for partitioning in the installer?

I am using Lubuntu perfectly. However I can’t use Windows.
I have Windows 10 installed on /dev/sdb1, but with no option to boot in GRUB.
It automatically launches Lubuntu.
I searched for the solution, and made Windows partition automount on boot via /etc/fstab.
It automounts, no problem there. But I want to use Windows as well. What can I do?

I selected alongside option, And divided 128 GB SSD - 80GB for Win10 + 40GB for Lubuntu. I also have 1TB HDD. /dev/sda1 is on HDD. There are also /dev/sdb1 NTFS for Windows and /dev/sdb2 EXT4 for Lubuntu.

I’m confused. Did your system already have /dev/sda1 partition?

What did you use the /dev/sda1 partition for during install? I’m not entirely sure what currently exists on the system. If your system already had an EFI partition (from Windows), the installer should’ve seen that and should let you dual boot.

When you boot up your PC, can you get into grub at all?

Please start Lubuntu, open a terminal and post the entire output of:

sudo parted --list
sudo efibootmgr -v

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