Lubuntu 20.04 hibernation

I have a swap partition, with its UUID specified in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT. If I type
sudo systemctl hibernate
then the system hibernates (and subsequently restarts) as I’d expect.

But from the desktop clicking Menu-Leave-Hibernate doesn’t appear to have any effect.

Any ideas?

I am new to Linux and I have installed Lubuntu a couple of months ago. I was wondering if it would be fixed by now with an update or something but so far I am in the same situation.

Same here, (I manually edited /etc/fstab added my swap partition uuid, rebooted and checked with Htop that it is mounted) and still hibernate with th GUI doesn’t work

Lubuntu 20.04
Lenovo Thinkstation S20, HDD, 8GB ram, 58GB swap partition

Thanks for pointing this out. I just tested this on 20.10 and have filed a bug report #1902497 .
I can also confirm that this occurs on 20.04.1 as well.


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