Lubuntu 20.04 64 bits how install PS3 controller driver and remove qtsixa?

I use Lubuntu 20.04 64 bit.
I had manually installed sixad_1.5.1+git20130130-0 and libusb-0.1-4_0.1.12 using deb packages because I could not get them using apt-get for Ubuntu 20.04.

I has two PS3 controllers.
After installing siax driver the controller was connected and finally the LED was ON.
I had started one emulator and all buttons and analog controls had input, but the left analog up and down are inverted.
After a few minutes the left and right analog controls no longer had input for the emulator. It worked fine for a few minutes and then stopped.

Now the controller LED is off.
After I connected the second controller and the LED was ON, but no input.
Both controllers are displayed in command to display USB devices, but only the last tested controller display LED is on.

I do not understand if sixad_1.5.1+git20130130-0 and libusb-0.1-4_0.1.12 are compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 being that in deb package details it does not say it is for Ubuntu 20.04.

How do I remove both sixad_1.5.1+git20130130-0 and libusb-0.1-4_0.1.12 ?
What is the correct driver to install in Ubuntu 20.04 ?

Another detail is that in link below has information how to enable connection between PS3 controller and RPCS3 emulator.

Even using all instructions for Linux the controller not is displayed for the emulator. Look how if the OS not is allowing the connection or need install an component.
Lubuntu 20.04 64 bits has installed HIDAPI ?

Thanks for reply.

So most importantly, I can tell you that this is for Lubuntu support, which is to say it’s support for the software included with Lubuntu and the software that is in the Ubuntu archives. You seem to suggest you got your software elsewhere and we don’t provide support for that.

I will also say it’s going to be incredibly difficult for us to provide any sort of help with this issue without actually having the hardware ourselves, which I doubt any one of us do. I certainly don’t.

I will say that your issue is one that is not unique to Lubuntu, but likely affects all Ubuntu flavors equally. That said, your duplicate post on AskUbuntu is likely the best avenue for help.

Cross posting is generally a bad idea, so I’m going to close this topic in lieu of that AskUbuntu post.

You should embellish your post with information on where your sources came from.

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