Lubuntu 20.04.3 focal testing

Lubuntu 20.04.3 pre-release testing.

I’ve just updated our Testing Checklist.

Ubuntu’s main tracking document can be found here.

The release schedule can be found here but release date is [Thursday] 19 August 2021.

I’ve run semi-regular testing of these ISOs before now, and no problems have been encountered, and none are expected. Currently the HWE stack has not been updated (the 5.8 kernel is still there; not yet 5.11) but as we’re down to five weeks before release I felt it was time to update the checklist.

If you’d like to give it a spin; have a spare machine to install onto; please do so. :heart_eyes: The testing tracker can be found here. This will be more critical as we approach closer to the final release date.

If you have any questions, want clarification (particularly on some of the other install types) please just ask.

Tests will need to be re-done if any of of the following packages are changed :-

  • calamares: 3.2.20-0ubuntu1
  • lubuntu-default-settings: 20.04.4
  • casper 1.445.1

ps: this ISO still fits on a 2GB thumb-drive :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your testing @leok

I’m waiting for the HWE kernel to be updated (I saw a blocker bug as an issue but sorry I don’t have it handy).

I’ll provide what I use to ‘check’ for changes (LTS respins anyway; this isn’t enough for development releases)

mkdir temp_focal
cd temp_focal
echo "** prior ISO"
stat ../focal-desktop-amd64.manifest |grep Modify |tee prior-date
grep 'casper\|calamares\|lubuntu-default-set\|linux-generic-hwe' ../focal-desktop-amd64.manifest | tee prior
echo "** pending ISO"
stat focal-desktop-amd64.manifest |grep Modify |tee pending-date
grep 'casper\|calamares\|lubuntu-default-set\|linux-generic-hwe' focal-desktop-amd64.manifest | tee pending
echo "** diff"
diff prior pending
echo "** diff dates"
diff prior-date pending-date
if [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then
   echo ---- no new ISO found ----
rm focal*.manifest prior pending prior-date pending-date
cd ..
rmdir temp_focal

Like most of my scripts; it’s a quick hack (and makes assumption of being in my lubuntu_64 directory where I keep ISO type files). The script is also likely not useful to anyone except it shows what I do.

(the script has been edited - I saw issues in it when posted here :expressionless: then updated given we’re now on RC & I wanted to it clearer that no new ISO was spun )


5.11 appears to have hit Lubuntu focal daily :slight_smile:

My script today shows

** diff
< linux-generic-hwe-20.04
> linux-generic-hwe-20.04

Note: My hacked script (see last post) diff’s with whatever I last actually zsync’d, and if busy I may not run it every day…

FYI: I had a box become unreliable; so I’ve had to take
dell [optiplex] 755 (c2d-e8300, 8gb, amd/ati radeon rv610/radeon hd2400 pro/xt)
from being used for testing installs and use it for my own purposes (reduced to live tests only now)


Focal SHIM fix issue has hit focal 20.04.3 ISO (2021-08-16) according to various reports including

I’m happy with the various testing I’ve seen, so thank you @leok & @sudodus & others :slight_smile:

Some results can be found at

Blocker bug hasn’t been removed from tracker document at this time, but we’ll keep monitoring it.

Thank you all for your testing (and keep it up :slight_smile: )


Call for testing: 20.04.3 release candidate images ready!

Some moments ago we published our first official release candidate
images for the 20.04.3 point-release. We seem to have all critical
blockers resolved, so my hope is that these images will be the final
ones we’ll be releasing next week.

Focal 20.04.3 | Ubuntu QA

Please pick your favorite flavor and start testing! And be sure to
report your results on the isotracker.

As with every recent release, we have a discourse thread for tracking
progress which we try to keep up to date as much as possible:

Focal Fossa (20.04.3 LTS) Point-Release Status Tracking - Release - Ubuntu Community Hub

Posted by Lukasz Zemczak on Thu Aug 19 14:32:30 UTC 2021 on behalf of the Ubuntu Foundations Team