Lubuntu 20.04.1: where is LXQt 0.15.0 ???

I just threw a flash at 20.04.1, I’m booting for a test - About LXQt - and there’s still an older version of 0.14.1. …
At the same time, 0.15.0 has been here since April… :confused:

If you check the Ubuntu focal fossa or Ubuntu 20.04 schedule, you’ll see the Feature Freeze was 27-February-2020.

LXQt 15.0 is found in Lubuntu groovy (what will be Lubuntu 20.10 on release), so if you wanted to give LXQt 15.0 a spin, you could download the groovy daily image.

(FYI: I just noticed the LXQt 15.0 release you mention was actually after the Lubuntu 20.04 LTS release)

Any chance it might come via a 20.04.2 (since this is supposed to be LTS) ?

  1. LTS means “long term support” and not “last top software”.
  2. Ubuntu is not a rolling release distribution.

If you need always the newest version of all the software installed, then you should choose a rolling release distro.

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LTS means version stability - not new features.

It is unlikely a newer LXQt will land in the 20.04 repositories at all during the 20.04 lifespan, as apt-ghetto indicated if you want the latest and greatest you might want to go with a rolling release distro and not Ubuntu

I’m borrowing/stealing that, though I’m going to change ‘last’ to ‘latest’.

I appreciate your way of describing it!

I’m also fond of the ‘shiny object syndrome’ expression.

You can help test 20.10 beta, which has LXQt 0.15