Lubuntu 20.04.02 Installation Failed

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble installing Lubuntu 20.04 on a Lubuntu 18.04 machine, choosing Erase Disk option in the installation wizard ( Calamares 3.2.20 )

The text error that appears is : The installer failed to create partition table on HDD_DEVICE_NAME

The Lubuntu ISO version is 20.04.2 x64

Follows the errors image descriptions as attachments

Thanks in advance,


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Problem solved using gparted on lubuntu live session.

  1. Leave lubuntu installer
  2. Run gparted , or KDE partition manager in alternative
  3. Delete all existing partitions , apply modifications.
  4. Run lubuntu installer again.

Yeah, on the rare occasion when I’ve had issues with a particular box, my usual steps are

  • reboot (on occasion I’ve had issues with KDE Partition Manager or calamares after a calamares crash)
  • I use KDE Partition Manager, being the Qt equivalent of gparted ; though if you’re familiar with gparted it’ll work too. I delete the troublesome partition(s), and create the format I do want, or whatever partition layout i want, then exit
  • finally restart calamares or the Lubuntu installer (now only selecting the partition(s) I setup in the prior step & opting to use (keep) them).

I’ve been using gparted a lot longer so I know it better, though I’ve found KDE Partition Manager as good (being Qt based; it’s more efficient on resources in modern Lubuntu)

Well done on solving it yourself ! (and sharing the solution so it’ll help others)


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