Lubuntu 19.10 Killed 13 computers

I the entrepreneur from Russia and the latest version of your system killed 13 of my pc…

After installing the latest ubuntu 19.10 on 10 machines and installing lubuntu 19.10 on the remaining 3 and fully updating them with a reboot, there was a global failure.

All computers in the room have the following characteristics.

Intel pentium g4560

All solid state drives received ATA lock with a user and master password.
As a result, all 13 computers received an unknown password …
Performing low-level formatting fails in more than 1 known manner.
The question is what was it and how to fix it? There is no programmer, standard passwords too …

Firstly I’d suggest you raise a bug report with details of your issue. Probably the best way to do it is boot a ‘live’ system on one of those ‘boxes’, and ubuntu-bug linux (I’d like to use ubiquity for Ubuntu & calamares for Lubuntu, but the same bug isn’t likely in both those packages which is why I opted for generic ‘linux’). You can add the launchpad bug report number here, and I can look for more clues in it.

The bug report will hopefully stop other people suffering the same issues, if it’s the result of a software bug, but it may also reveal more details that can be useful in helping you correct your issue.

I would re-validate your thumb-drive install media (ie. use the check disk for defects option to ensure you weren’t installing using corrupted code) and re-validate ISOs, though the odds of this being the issue would be slim given same issue on what I read as being two used ISOs. If either of these fail (show issues) you’re unlikely to get help as it’ll be particular to your corrupted install and you’d need to work out the specific corrupted packages.

As most of your machines were installed with Ubuntu, which has a far larger community than the Lubuntu flavor, you also make use of other generic Ubuntu support forums, eg. your your local Ubuntu community, asking at, asking at, or for more support options please look at

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The possible problem is related to your keyboard/locale

The computers are like that because when you set the password for the encrypted disk, on boot the keyboard layout isn’t taken into account

Quote from @tsimonq2 on IRC.

I have no experience with different keyboard arrangements so can’t be specific on fix and this could be wrong (I use english only) but your password when entered during installation was aware you weren’t using ‘en’ keyboard layout, on boot there is no such awareness; so you must correct yourself.

Apologies if there are errors in what I’ve said or I’m too vague

I asked @oldfred, super moderator at the Ubuntu Forums, and here are his tips:

  • Most systems will reset UEFI/BIOS system password with removal of coin battery on motherboard or moving tiny jumper next to battery to reset it. I have done both to reset system, but never have added password.

  • did not read thread & thought it was UEFI lock.
    If drive lock, I have this in my notes, but do not know more.

    udisksctl status

    Hard drive info - will show locked frozen status or not:

    sudo hdparm -I /dev/sdd

    Use hdparm to unfreeze

    Info on freeze

I can only add: Good luck :slight_smile:


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