Lubuntu 18.04 Live Session

When the user manual says “Boot into the Live Session” What does this mean and Why?

It might help if you specified the page & section that you are having trouble with, my guess is it was but I don’t see what is confusing you sorry.

I realize your title says 18.04, and the reference link I gave is for the 19.04 manual, but as stated I’m unsure to what user manual you are referring to

Sorry, my bad…
I just wanted to know the meaning of “Live Session”
What is it, and what is it for?

Sorry for the confusion.

A ‘live’ session example is - When away from home and I want to use a computer but don’t want to use someone’s OS or setup, I boot a ‘live’ system such as I have on a thumb-drive which boots and allows me to use the machine without installing anything. The ‘live’ system boots and runs from memory, and when I shutdown, nothing on the machine should be changed(*).

On the subsequent page of the manual ( the first picture shows what you see when you boot Lubuntu from thumb-drive; the first option is “Start Lubuntu” (which is called “Try Ubuntu” on main Ubuntu ISOs) which runs in ‘live’ mode. You can test Lubuntu out, use the machine (within some limits), fix problems, or install Lubuntu on your actual system.

(*) the note I made is I have used a few systems where the owner claims minor changes were made, eg. *nix use UST/UTC time by default where the default for windows is to use local time. I’ve had complaints that the owners sometimes see a message telling them the system time has been corrected after I borrowed their box; but nothing was written to the OS or disk/sdd. I haven’t verified this as they weren’t my machines

Thank you, It is all crystal clear now. You have been very helpful.

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