Lubuntu 18.04 install LXQT choice window manager

Lubuntu 18.04 installed LXQT and restarted the system.
When in login to select LXQT has an menu to select I not remeber exactly the title being more or less to select the “window manager”.
What is the option to select ? is an file in system folder ?
Thanks for reply.

Please be aware LXQt on 18.04 (and before) was part of Lubuntu Next which was not provided with LTS updates.

The long-term-support on Lubuntu 18.04 LTS applies only to Lubuntu using LXDE.

I’ll add this in case readers aren’t aware. LTS does not apply to all of a release such as 18.04, eg. read Ubuntu Fridge | Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) released and you’ll note not all flavors were LTS, and the length of support varies (‘main’ repository has 5 years, but not …) The detail is always found in release notes for those that look.

Everything found on your install ISO (be it main Ubuntu, or a flavor like Lubuntu has the same same supported life). Packages added post-install are the user’s responsibility to look & manage. We have tools such as ubuntu-support-status (or ubuntu-security-status) to help us too :slight_smile:


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