Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic using volume key not work if in Full Screen and umunte key not work

Lubuntu 18.04 32 bits in inspirion 9300.

  1. When using softwares in window mode the keyboard keys volume up, down and mute works, but when in full screen not work.
  2. When using key volume mute-unmute only work for mute, but if pressing again key volume mute-unmute not is possible volume unmute.

Thanks for reply.

Does this happen on any app for media playback? Better asked, on what apps have you been experiencing this with?

in any emulator running full screen even using cpu power profile performance.
not problem running seamonkey “full screen” look being exactly an large window size.

There are many things that fall into this category, would you please provide the name of the application you are having issues with?

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