Loving Lubuntu DE... Anyway to pull up all windows from all workspaces?

Lubuntu 21.10 x86_64 Kernel: 5.13.0-22-generic

I mostly run Plasma on my Main computer with MX Linux and Manjaro, and I usually have top left corner of my screen if my mouse sits on it pulls up all the windows across the 6 virtual desktops I have open. I was wondering if theres a similar function that I can apply to the Lubuntu system…

As much as I love working on a Plasma and setting it up, I distro Hop all the time, and I love what I am seeing here. Next to plasma this is probably the 2nd best DE I have used. Also are there any other LXQt DE out there?

I don’t know how to bring up the windows from all desktops on LXQt but I can kinda answer the second question…

One other DE that I know of that uses Qt (the stuff used for Plasma and LXQt) is TrinityDE.

From my very slim reading of this DE, it is the Mate of the Qt desktops. I laughed a lot trying it out on Q4OS. :joy:

Anyway, happy holidays!


the quickest way I found to see all the windows , but its in the taskbar is by right clicking taskbar manager and just unchecking the first box that pops up. I haven’t found a way, to just pull up all the windows and see whats where and if you need to swap desktops to get there. Hopefully there is a way if not its not the end of the world. I love this OS a lot, I been running music and watching youtube video’s and still around 1.2g of ram tops.

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