-lost wifi connection alert

Hi, when i try to install the Lubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64 is impossible to wlan connect, there are the icon on display and its seems to was trying to connect, but never results and displays an alert: -lost wifi connection.
On preferences its all right and I don’t know what the origin can be, I tried to restart the system but every time it’s the same.


Did you get to install the drivers for your wireless NIC (e.g. broadcom)?

Also… is the problem only when you’re booting from the install media and running the live system or is this a problem you have with your system after you’ve successfully installed Lubuntu 19.10?


Hei thanks for the attention,
Problem was at both, in live system boot and after installed,
i tried to take a look but the computer was gone to another house and they installed another OS.
I think i,m gonna put on my personal little testing tasks computer to can see what gonna hapen there and take a comparision if the problem resist, or was in that case only.
Thanks for the interest!!:electric_plug:

hey! sorry about delayed time,
You are right and was a driver problem ,now just installed on another laptop and all works well, thanks
And they called me because the other computer get an extra problems with other distros every time on the network by the initialize, but seems like that is another conversation, and I’m not having on my hands now, jo jo; Thanks for your feedback!

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