Logo is not visible

Top bar looks empty at the logo side. Attached screenshot

Screenshot_2020-03-27 Lubuntu Discourse

Is this still happening for you? If so, can you check the development console in your browser to see what errors, if any, are displayed in the console?

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Argh, it’s legit. Shades of Blue is the default theme, which it works fine with (white over blue) and dark, which I use, works fine (white over black) but light sucks because it’s white over white.

@wxl is right. There is a logo and it is got invisible with the white background. Attaching the same




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Light theme is now disabled (since Shades of Blue is basically a Lubuntu-ish version of Light) so problem solved!


One thing that would really kind of complete the whole thing is if someone could make a dark version of Shades of Blue, so we’d have only Shades of Blue Light and Shades of Blue Dark. Volunteers welcome :slight_smile:

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As in Yaru dark mode ?

I have seen a theme builder tool in Discourse. Maybe we could use that.

I mean all Shades of Blue is relative to Light, from what I can tell, is that it’s got a blue header. Doing something similar with Dark, except where the header is dark blue, would be a simple solution.

Do you like this ?

dark lubuntu

Yeah but I’d leave the main background black. The blue shouldn’t be a primary element but a “trim” kind of thing.

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Shades of Blue came prebuilt this way. If someone comes up with an alternative version of the Dark theme I can install it locally.

This said, the default “light mode” is now disabled and not available for user use at this time. If you are using it, you should switch to Shades of Blue.


This one ?

lubuntu black

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VERY close but you’ve got some overly bright elements in there, namely those buttons and perhaps the header text. Everything is essentially a shade of grey, e.g.:


P.S. I love the Firefox screenshot feature.

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How about this

lubuntu dark theme create

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Tone down the darker blue in the header (i.e. the icons) a bit, but not as much as the topic and I think you got a winner. Amazing.

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I have a theme zip ready based on this screenshot. Not sure how to put it here

me lubuntu


You’ll have to send it to the Lubuntu Council via mail. Or put it somewhere that we can download it. (We do not permit ZIPs to be uploaded to here, currently.)


Are you ok with Firefox Send ?

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example.zip (424 Bytes)

Au contraire, @teward.

@teward assuming this produces the results shown (and has an appropriate name in the theme list), I’m good to go with installing this and then disabling dark.