Live usb system update

Is there a way to update the live usb system to keep the updates and other changes that a user makes?
As I find some space ( approximately 1.9gb) left alone in the installation medium.
I have tried to update the system and most of the packages have been updated except a few in the live system. But none of them remain in the next boot.
I am talking about persistency of usb similar to one I use in primary storage.

The default ‘live’ media is a squashfs/RO file-system which has security benefits, allowing you to test a clean system, make changes (all in memory) then install if it looks good. It’s not intended to be used in a persistent manner.

You can write the default ISO to a persistent drive (I’d use mkusb myself so I’ll provide its wiki link), though in the past I’ve also installed flavors (like Lubuntu) to a thumb-drive so they operate more or less like a normal system (only slower as thumb-drive writes are slower than hdd). I was happiest with the install (to thumb-drive), but it took slightly longer to setup.

This is brief & imprecise, I haven’t used either for years…


It is possible with 1.9gb, but you might soon fill that space, and the persistent live mode stops working when the partition for persistence is full. So I would recommend that you use a bigger drive, if you want a good experience. See this link. Scroll down to the notes about speed and size.

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