Libreoffice: no USB-key any more in the sidebar of the save-dialog

If I want to save a new document, then in the save-dialog there’s no USB-key any more in the sidebar (so, on the left side), no matter if in the Options, in LibreOffice, in General this is checked or unchecked:
Use LibreOffice dialogs.

I already reported it some months ago on launchpad, but since there is no move.

Is this maybe a bug in LXQt? If yes, where should I report it?

I know, that the USB-key is somewhere in /media/… but it would be better if the external device would be visible in the sidebar of the save-dialog, like it was before in some past releases of Lubuntu.

Thank you for an answer in advance.


I opened yesterday an issue on to be sure that it is not a LXQt problem:

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