Latest Lubuntu not great, in my humble opinion

Hi folks…
I’ve been in and around Linux for maybe twenty years or more now so I know a little and what to expect.
However, a quick review of this latest incarnation of Lubuntu follows.
After being disgruntled with Ubuntu Mate - it would not dual boot with Windows on one of my machines (I’ve never had this before), I decided to install a lightweight version. Lubuntu.
It still does not dual boot.
Previous to this I was using Linux Mint and had no problem with dual booting although, it too would not connect to WiFi, out-of-the-box!
Second thing to note is the lack of availability to immediately connect to my WiFi. In this day and age this is not acceptable. I was a tester for one of the Linux distros many years ago (in the nineties) and that distro had WiFi recognition upon install so, what’s happening here, more than twenty years later. It is ridiculous to expect new users to an operating system to have to connect via hard wire in order to get their WiFi up and running. I presume this is an oversight because Ubuntu Mate works just fine with WiFi. I have had it running on three laptops now. Unfortunately, it has it’s own problems on one of my two Lenovos hence, my search for a different distro and my install of Lubuntu.
Alas, Lubuntu is throwing up too many niggles.
The WiFi thing.
The fact that there is no app to set my Touchpad to allow ‘tapping’ operation.
And now, the file manager does not have the ‘normal’ ability to allow copying of files to a USB stick.
I’m afraid I cannot give any stars for such an incomplete distro.
I must move on as I fear will many others…

Hii @Deke1955. Thanks for posing here.
Can you provide the version of Lubuntu you are using?

And as far as I understand your problems,
Here’s what you are facing:

  1. Your WiFi doesn’t seem to work out of the box.
  2. The touchpad is not set to tap to click.
  3. You cannot copy a file to a usb using file manager.

Now, let’s address them one by one.

  1. Are you using a broadcom adapter? Can you share the details of the WiFi adapter so that we can look into the issue. Also, agreed that it is not pleasing to have to use wired connection to get wifi working in this age, but as you can see, we have shifted from ubiquity to calamares installer when we shifted to lxqt from lxde. And the option to install 3rd party drivers is not present at the moment. The work is still in progress. We are working to get it fixed soon.
  2. There’s a option in preferences to enable tap to click. You can find instructions in the manual.
  3. The default file manager, pcmanfm-qt has the “normal” ability to allow copying of files to a USB stick. You should check the permissions of the files you are trying to copy and also those of the drive you are trying to copy them to. you can find more info about using pcmanfm-qt here.

Also, No offense but it seems unfair to call Lubuntu incomplete just because your WiFi is not working.


My wifi worked out of the box on my Dell desktop. Though I have had a few laptops where many distros did not have the drivers preinstalled for that particular adapter, which seems to be the problem you faced. It’s generally not too hard to troubleshoot, but it requires a bit of effort on your part.

In my opinion, Lubuntu shouldn’t have all available drivers for all available cards preinstalled. It’s not (to my knowledge) a distro aimed at beginners. Rather, it’s a distro aimed at being lightweight, a goal that would be lost with every possible hardware configuration accounted for.

Ubuntu Mate also shouldn’t have had an issue dual-booting. That suggests to me a bad installer. Honestly, it sounds like you’re distro-hopping without attempting to fix the issues you’re facing. I’ve done that before too, but it’s a bad habit. Linux generally requires a bit of tweaking, no matter what distro.

If you want oob compatibility with just about everything, Zorin may be better suited for you.

Actually you should try Arch linux. :wink: