Kubuntu.net Error 503

Since the past week I get “Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable” from kubuntu.net.
They use ZB-block and it tags me somehow. I have no way to access their forum leaders.
Any ideas?

Try kubuntu.org THAT’s the official site.


I’m trying to get to the forums. That link is not the forums.

Wouldn’t that be kubuntuforums.net?


Why are we discussing Kubuntu on the Lubuntu Discourse???

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Heck, at least it was put in Offtopic. :laughing:

I mean there’s that, but if I want to know why the Linux Kernel website isn’t working, I don’t post something on the Windows forum, offtopic or not.

That was probably an unfair comparison. I have no ill will towards Kubuntu. I actually like it quite a lot. We use it at work. I’ve helped with development and testing for it, too. Heck, it was really the Kubuntu Team that helped me get the hang of packaging.

I guess my point is this: if you have a problem with something, go to the source, not somewhere else.

I would love go to the source, but where would that be?

I have to try somewhere. I’m just trying to see if anyone here knows how to contact an admin at Kubuntu forums. That’s all. Maybe Ubuntu forum will have that inflammation.

I show you as on the The Kubuntu Team here:

Why is that a far reach to find contact of someone on Kubuntu Forum?

The source is Kubuntu itself. Clearly, you know where their website is. On that website, there are lots of resources and links. I know there’s an IRC channel, for example…

used Tor browser to access site.