Keyboard shortcuts not working for screengrab (except for print scren)

Hi all,
I’ve two issues with ‘ScreenGrab’ keyboard shortcuts.

  1. I’m not able to set ‘Alt+PrtScr’ as keyboard shortcut to ‘Active Window’. It just wouldn’t take ‘Alt’. I can however set ‘Ctrl+PrtScr’.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts (doesn’t matter what I set) do not work for ‘Active Window’ and ‘Screenarea’. Only ‘Full Screen’ shortcut works.

I tried on two PCs, one with normal ‘Alt’ and one where we have to press ‘Fn’ along with Alt/Shift/Ctrl keys.

Is it a known issue? How I can fix it?

for no reason, i think it is just not alowed combination or something.
and idk how to fix it, but i can offer you one alternative doing that.

how about adding one line off shortcut on your “lxqt-config-globalkeyshortcuts”?
Preferences > LXQt settings > Shortcut Keys

like this below


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