Keyboard commands

Is there a list of keyboard commands for lubuntu. for example one to reset the box?

You haven’t said which release, but have you looked up the manual -

(it assumes the latest stable release, ie. Lubuntu 19.10)

I’m not sure what you mean by “reset the box”, a kernel SysRq key comes to mind, but that’s not Lubuntu specific.

I am running 19.10 but I don’t see a system reboot key sequence ?

Lubuntu doesn’t have a system reboot keyboard sequence. The keystrokes (sysrq) to which I referred was a linux kernel keystroke combination that allows the user to communicate commands directly to the Linux kernel (unless disabled).

Everyone has their favorite reference for it, if you don’t remember them I usually type “magic sysrq” keys into a search engine (on another box, phone etc) and the wikipedia entry comes up near or at the top.

You can scroll down that entry for my most common use REISUB

  • un R aw (take control of keyboard back from X),
  • t E rminate (send SIGTERM to all processes, allowing them to terminate gracefully),
  • k I ll (send SIGKILL to all processes except init, forcing them to terminate immediately),
  • S ync (flush data to disk),
  • U nmount (remount all filesystems read-only),
  • re B oot.

ie. ALT + SYSRQ then holding down the ALT key you hit the REISUB keys one at a time. It tells the kernel to cleanly reboot the machine, which if X or the box appears locked - is proof that the kernel is still running normally (as it could respond) providing clues for system state & re-gaining control.

That however is not a Lubuntu command, it’s a Linux kernel keystroke command, which applies to anything running linux except as stated before, if it’s disabled by configuration.

I can’t test it on my android phone because I don’t have those keys, though I’d expect the phone maker to have disabled it.

If I wanted Lubuntu to shutdown via keyboard, I’d likely use


which navigates to Leave and then selects reboot on my Lubuntu 20.04 box. That lets LXQt or Lubuntu perform the reboot rather than forcing the kernel to reboot the machine.

You can add your own custom keyboard shortcut.

man 1 lxqt-leave shows you, which options are available.

As an example, you can add a new shortcut, such as CTRL+ALT+R, and set the command to

lxqt-leave --reboot
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