Key indicator for capslock and numlock

I have a new laptop that has no lights on the keyboard.
Is there a widget that shows the capslock and numlock status?

You haven’t provided release details, but if I go to add more widgets on my system (Add Plugins) I can select

Keyboard State Indicator (kbindicator)
Keyboard State indicator and switcher plugin

which adds a “C N S US” to the right of my panel indicators, and I get a white SQUARE over C when Caps is lit/locked; there is normally a white SQUARE over N as Numlock is almost always lit etc.

When I know what release I don’t use my primary box (which currently is jammy as it’s always the development release) and use a support box; but you didn’t say which release you’re using so I don’t know which to use. My own box is heavily modified, where my support boxes are kept unchanged (except for things done due to support queries).

Relevant page on the manual is and scroll down to the “Customizing” section.

FYI: I booted a jammy QA-test install I performed yesterday (ie. a fresh install) & had the same response as my primary machine; I did a search for “keyboard” to find the plugin; but if you scroll down you’ll find it anyway.


I use 21.10.
I got the widget, thanks.
Is there a way to control the highlighting?
It is not very readable.

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