Kernel segfault induced by lxqt-powermanagement

Recently I’ve installed Lubuntu 22.04.01, and noticed some problem when the machine gets into idle state. From /var/log/syslog:

Aug 29 11:40:19 fritz kernel: [ 6588.997399] lxqt-powermanag[5802]: segfault at f27 ip 00007f21c6aa1059 sp 00007ffe7959f4e8 error 4 in[7f2

and some more lines like that. I get a popup that notifies me that the process has been stopped because of too many failures.

Boldly I’ve tried to backport to a more recent version of LXQt (as described on this website). That did not work, after updating and upgrading I get a message that some 19 lxqt packages have been upholded from installation.

What did I do wrong while trying to backport?

(BTW: I will file bug at the lxqt-project website for my segfault).

As I understand it now (see e.g.: lxqt-powermanagement crashes after Qt upgrade (in Arch) · Discussion #2219 · lxqt/lxqt · GitHub):

  • the problem occurred with other users too;
  • it has something to do with the trigger of the ‘Enable Backlight Change’ (if enabled in the lxqt-powermanagement widget);
  • it has nothing to do with Lubuntu persee.

It is a bit annoying, since saving battery time on my laptop would be appreciated highly.

I guess it will be saved automagically at some time in the future, in 22.04.2 or so (even without interfering of the Lubuntu team).

Not important for me now.


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