Is possible create an write cache buffer in RAM with 1 hour delay for flush in BTRFS partition?

I see that have chance BTRFS was created by Oracle and others companies.
I use Lubuntu (Ubuntu) 20.04 64 bits in BTRFS partitions.
I wait to system only write any type of data in system and home user partition in each one hour thus avoiding repeated write in disk.
The system is installed in an 28 GB BTRFS abd the Home partition in an 12 GB BTRFS partition partition.
I have enough RAM free for cache above of 256 MB.
I wait two cache or two system cache strategy one for each partition.
In windows I had used Primocache being 256 cache buffer write for system partition and 128 MB for data partition. That feature is very good and avoid extreme repeated write if the user is using the system for hours.
I am an new Linux user and not see any tool that does write cache buffer.
Linux have in system any configuration that allow to only write data in disk in intervals above of 1 hour being if possible an two cache or two cache strategy working one for each partition ?
Thanks very much for your reply.

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