Is More,Better?

I am running Lubuntu 20.04 on a 13 year old Dell Inspiron 531s With Dual core AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+ It has 4 gig of DDR2 667 MHz Ram.

It is slow to boot up (1 min 33 seconds). It is an old but stable machine.

I am using it as a web server and FTP server.


Is MORE better?
Would it run noticeably faster on 8 gig ram?
Would it run noticeably faster with a SSD system drive?

If you use it as a server, you shouldn’t run a desktop environment.

If the system is swapping now, yes, it would run faster, because it doesn’t need to unload memory from RAM to disk and load from disk into the free RAM.

Yes, a SSD runs faster than a normal hard disk drive.

How fast depends on the hardware you have.

I can’t answer your question sorry.

This box is a 11 year old dell, and I’d not like to have only 4gb of ram.

On another PC I have that is 12 years old, I recently stole 4gb of it’s 8gb of ram, and for many tasks the difference is not noticeable, however on others it sure is! (I use that machine far less since I stole 4gb of it’s ram; its not as nice to use anymore!)

If you have less ram, you need to be far more careful with your tasks, the order you do tasks, how many co-exist at the same time etc… so as to not waste the limited ram unless you’re willing to suffer degraded performance.

You’re also mentioning server functions; so to me the Lubuntu or a GUI means you are already wasting resources just to have a GUI.

If however you’re only worried about boot up time, no it won’t make that much difference (I believe it would make more difference to performance during operation)

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