Installing with btrfs in details?

Can somebody give me a detailed instruction on manual partioning for btrfs install of lubuntu in calamares, i dont find any good lubuntu specific guide.
I need help specifically with what partitions to create, and i need help with setting this all according with ubuntu subvolume layout, encryption and am on EFI.

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You can select BTRFS as a file-system in the drop-down. Lubuntu tests it works for all releases, with some installs being a single partition, plus on occasion with separate / and /home partitions.

The calamares manual section on partitioning can be found here - Partition - Calamares though it won’t help much.

The only encrypted install we offer will not use BTRFS.

Some Ubuntu docs on using full disk encryption can be found here - Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_2019 - Community Help Wiki

Sorry I’m not aware of anything specific to your wishes (ie. BTRFS is easily selected & we QA test for that, but not with encryption).

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