Installing multimedia codecs

I’m wondering how I can obtain multimedia codecs to support the following:
- converting ogg vorbis or .wav files to mp3 files
- being able to import music CDs as mp3 files

Installing ubuntu or lubuntu restricted extras was unsuccessful.


I think you’re looking for LAME. (Yes, LAME is actually the name of the software - it stands for “LAME Ain’t an MP3 Encoder”, even though it is an MP3 encoder. Go figure.)

I’d use Audacity to convert audio files to MP3 - open a file in Audacity and then export it as MP3. Depending on the format you’re opening, you might need ffmpeg to open some files with Audacity (though for WAV and OGG it shouldn’t be necessary, but it might help in the future). For CD ripping, Asunder might do the trick.

To install all of these tools, do sudo apt install audacity ffmpeg asunder lame. (Note that “lame” at the end may or may not actually be necessary, but it will make sure you get all the tools you need.)


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