Installation program cannot read partitions

I’m tring to install lubuntu 18.10 on a Lenovo G580 where I had windows10.
Probably I made some errors and now during installation the partitions cannot be read and the installation program gets closed.
fdisk gives to me these information:

How to procede?

First: don’t get 18.10. It’s End of Life. You want 19.04.

Secondly: are you trying to retain Windows 10?

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  1. ok, i’m going to install last version of lubuntu
  2. no i removed Windows…i think

Just use the “erase disk” option then. If you don’t see it, make sure you have unmounted all partitions. In particular, your swap partition will get automounted by the core Ubuntu system. You can sudo swapoff -a to resolve that, as mentioned in the manual.


thanks for your tips, I did all:

  1. install lubuntu 19.04
  2. unmounted the partitions and sudo swapoff -a

…but installation program gets still closed at partitions steps (it is like it cannot read the partitions…)

Do you get an error message? If so, would you please attach a screenshot?

No error message, just the installation program at the partition step run for a while then get closed.

try to install from the command line to see the output with…

sudo calamares -d

There’s a log file in ~/.cache/Calamares/session.log that might be useful, too.

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