Installation Failed <class 'AttributeError'>

Thanks to all members who have worked really hard to bring this new release to life. But I am sorry to say that the problem still exists in lubuntu.


In the past, I tried this similar to the image which worked for me.


Is it okay to do the same as before for new installation or should I take it as a bug?

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Hi @Aminul

Yes, you can safely use

sudo sed -i 's/logging.http_error/logging.error/' /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/calamares/modules/automirror/

Which version of Lubuntu do you use?
It should be fixed with Lubuntu 20.10, but not with older versions.


Thank you @apt-ghetto for ensuring that. I am now in 20.04.1 of lubuntu and I will remember it for future and untill fixed permanently. I am happy to know that this would be fixed in 20.10. :slight_smile: