installation error 22.04.2 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)

Hello everyone, I recently downloaded the version of lubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) and at the time of installation I am getting an error which is (452 out of range pointer: 0x79fff020) the operating system that the laptop has is Ubuntu 23.04 . If anyone knows how to solve this error or why it is generated, I would be grateful. I apologize in advance if I’m breaking any forum rules. Thank you so much.

In my experience, this is a problem created when the ISO is written incorrectly by software. How did you write the ISO to your media? eg. rufus can create this issue when certain write conditions are used (where the ISO doesn’t match the options chosen); it wasn’t written with rufus was it?

I don’t recall this issue occurring with Lubuntu ISOs though; most issues relate when apps (like rufus) reformat the larger Ubuntu Desktop ISOs & use non-standard features (the size of the ISO creating the issue; Lubuntu’s ISO is within rufus limits). The rufus devs blame the poor timing of grub 2.06 & thus different distributions having differences between their 2.06 versions, and its these differences rufus has trouble with.

How did you write the software? Did you clone it (where it’ll work perfectly on most hardware) either via command or option? or cause ISO to be re-worked in your write; if it’s the latter; check the software you’re working with (rufus did provide warnings that you should re-write with specific options if it fails to boot/operate*).

If you did clone your ISO write to thumb-drive… I’d not try and install, but instead ensure the write of ISO to your media was correct; a recent question/answer on this can be read here - Validating an ISO write directly after writing - Ask Ubuntu


indeed the ISO was written using rufus, previously I had a similar problem when installing ubuntu but with a different error code (452 out of range pointers: 0x79fff010) but I managed to solve it with the rufus-4.0p version. I will try to use another app to create the iso image on the flash drive.

unfortunately doing it through commands is not an option for me because the laptop where I am trying to install lubuntu is somewhat old with only 2 Gb of ram. It has ubuntu as an operating system but it’s not going very well, that’s why I’m opting for Lubuntu, which is lighter, I’ll try it anyway, if not I’ll see what other options I have.

Thank you very much for answering, it has served me both as learning and to see where I can solve the problem. I will be commenting on any significant progress, I hope it is not a bother.

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