Impossible to print


I cannot print, his messages appear:

How to fix this problem ?


Try printing a test page and see what happens.

I click on the printer, I check enabled, I click on print page test and I have this message:

“implicitclass” doesn’t seem like a valid device URI. How did you set this up?

P.S. pretty much all the *buntus use the same printer system. At the very least they all use CUPS under the hood. Thus, this is not a Lubuntu-specific problem.

I didn’t configure anything. I installed Lubuntu and the printer was directly detected in wifi.

Wow, fun, I’ve never had that happen before. Still, it doesn’t look like it worked, so you might want to go through the process of setting it up.

You know what: there was a similar problem someone mentioned that I think may still be applicable though it still has no solution it seems:

Please, can you give me a screenshot ?

I have no idea what you want a screenshot of. From what I can tell your problem is similar to the one described above and it has no solution that I can see.

I will add this is not likely a problem affecting Lubuntu specifically.

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