I'm new to this, and confused

So basically I wanted to dual boot my chromebook with a version of ubuntu because chrome os doesn’t necessarily have too many options when it came to doing basic functions. However, I have come to the conclusion that my version of lubuntu is extremely outdated. Right now it is version 3.18.0. I tried updating it with “sudo apt-get update” but it only recognized some basic python library updates and nothing else. How do I update it to a relatively modern version?

Lubuntu is an official flavor of Ubuntu, thus uses the year.month format used by Ubuntu itself, and all Ubuntu flavors.

There is no 3.18.0 (no 2003 year release, nor a 18th month).

The oldest supported release of Lubuntu currently is Lubuntu 18.04 LTS (ie. the 2018-April release of Lubuntu)

You either don’t have Lubuntu at all, or have got the release information wrong and 3.18 relates to something else.

Perhaps the version number is for your desktop environment (LMDE/LXQT). Pres Ctrl+Alt+T and type “lsb_release -a” (without quotes) and it should give you the distribution version.

I’m guessing that’s a kernel version and judging by the currently available releases it’s probably a version of Lubuntu that’s End of Life (EoL). Actually looking at the changelog, it seems like it was last published to Vivid Vervet 15.04. We’re just about to release 20.04, so waaaaaay behind.

There are instructions on upgrading from an EoL release but I recommend a fresh install of 19.10 (or 20.04 which is due any day now) since we’re using LXQt now and the only LXDE version left is 18.04 which will be EoL itself next April.

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