IBM ThinkPad R40e installation

Hello, sorry for my bad English but I’m Italian. I found this old IBM think pad R40e from my grandparents house, so this notebook it’s made for windows xp with 256mb of RAM. I can add another RAM and I want to install a version of Lubuntu. What kind of version do you suggest? Thank you for your reply.

I haven’t used a R40 in years so I’ll base this on a R50p or t43 that I do still use (my r50p has an uptime of 459 days currently, my r40p is used to elevate the t43 slightly), but please note my r50p has 1gb of ram and I haven’t used less than that in years.

I would go for Lubuntu 18.04 LTS; it has x86 (32bit) support where as more modern Lubuntu does not. The normal installer requires more than 700mb of ram as it requires LIVE + installer to run, so with less than that the alternate installer would be your best shot.

However with 256MB of ram I’d forget a GUI, and use it with CLI only, or just upgrade your ram to at least 1GB. Because of the limited RAM, your OS will be constantly swapping and performance will drop unless you’re doing only very limited things eg. text editing, using cmus to play podcasts, watching things using terminal etc; tasks I do on my t43. I use my t43 on a exercise-walker, so also use a browser to read articles as I exercise, but I doubt that would fly with only 256mb of ram.

I would upgrade RAM ideally to 1gb or more, and install Lubuntu 18.04 LTS (32bit/x86/i386) from

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