I/O error on /home having 7% space left


I use my /home for storing all the torrents for seeding. As I was downloading torrents, I saw following error

I/O Error
An I/O error occured on torrent "Torrent Name"
Reason: "File location"
error: No space left on device

Checking my drive, I saw it’s still 7% empty. Moreover, I deleted a 1 GB file and restarted my PC, but error is still there.

Is there something like I can’t use 100% of my home partition in Linux? I think there might be a way to fill it 100% like windows.

Some additional info (I don’t understand what they means.)

df -h and df-k results 100% usage of home
df -i results 1% usage…

5% are reserved for root by default, If you use ext4 as filesystem.

Is it reserved from ‘/home’? Can I use NTFS or FAT 32 in home then?

My PC is very low on HDD. So each MB means a lot to me … :slight_smile:

You should show your partitions and where they are mounted, then we don’t have to guess. As it is now, we can give only generic answers.

One possible way is to change the value from 5% to a lower value => change reserved blocks

You could mount a NTFS or FAT partition into your system, but you should not use it as $HOME. FAT is old and has some restrictions. NTFS has a lot of features, which you cannot use on Linux. In both cases, the permissions are only emulated and are slower on Linux.

The easiest solution: use a USB drive or external disk.


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