I can't move files to the trash

I have 9 GB when the distro only requires 6.39 GB and when I try to move a file to the trash, I get this error:

Unable to create trash directory /home/luis/.local/share/
Trash: No space left on device

Where did you read 6.39GB?

Even if you allocate 9GB of space, you’ll quickly find you run out of space, especially if add software and you’re not maintaining your system very well (such as not letting any updates accumulate, as they need disk space to download, you need space for the new packages to install, all before some space can be freed from older versions that will no longer be used).

Your issue in my opinion is lack of allocated disk space; every app or file you add uses disk, even normal GUI operation uses workfiles needing disk space.

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I’m trying to add more, but can’t. I’m using the KDE Partition Manager, I clicked /dev/sda1 and have gone to Partition > Resize/Move. It won’t let me type in the Size box. Also, how much space do you recommend?

You can’t resize the partition your running on.
You have to do it from another. Boot from the live usb/cd, run KDE PM from that, then you can resize /dev/sda1.


make sure you don’t have any size limits set on your trash bin

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