I can't install Lubuntu 22.04 - black screen

I’m new Lubuntu user. I have specific old computer HP dc7700 SFF - Intel Core2Duo 2,16 GHz and 5GB RAM, 320GB HDD and integrated graphic card. I can’t install newest Lubuntu version - and most of ubuntu family systems like Ubuntu, Kubuntu etc. I created usb flash drive with Lubuntu 22.04 - after boot I can see black screen… I can install Lubuntu 20.04 only- the same with Ubuntu and Kubuntu 20.04. I have no problems with installation of Zorin OS 16 Lite or Core and Fedora, Linux Mint, What’s wrong? I tried change options in BIOS but no effects :confused:

Have you tried booting the Lubuntu installer in Safe Graphics Mode? That should be an option when you first boot it.


Have you verified the integrity of your downloaded .iso? (I’m assuming all else is equal, such as same USB thumb drive.)

Worst case, you can install 20.04 and just wait patiently. It’ll offer to update to 22.04 eventually.


I’m a little surprised by this, as if you check out our testing checklist which currently shows 22.04 testing, you’ll note a hp_dc7700 was used in 5 listed QA-test installs.

I’ve listed my boxes specs as

hp dc7700 (c2d-e6320, 5gb, nvidia quadro nvs 290)

so I’m not using the integrated graphics, but otherwise it’s the ~same box.

All I can think of is what is already provided, the safe graphics I don’t believe is necessary but allows for our QA using a different video card, and most likely in my opinion a invalid ISO (did you verify it) or bad write of ISO to media (where I’d boot & have the media verified on two others systems to disprove this if was me; one on a like box where I usually use a dell 755 & the second a very different box)

Do note: the firmware in that box has some bad bugs (and others like it such as dc_7900) that can cause failures to boot if ISOs are written in a number of ways, so how you wrote the ISO to media significantly matters. For the released ISO it’s not an issue (if ISO is written using a Ubuntu documented method), but if you’re asking about specific dailies there are/were days where it wouldn’t boot for various modern releases, or if the ISO was written in a non-official manner problems can be expected. Those old HP boxes may require special ISO write instructions for 22.10 & later ISOs; but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

(there is code in Ubuntu 20.10/groovy & later ISOs that gets around the firmware bugs (non standards compliance issues) in these old HPs, this code is beginning to be a problem with newer systems and maybe dropped, thus the different ISO write instructions maybe necessary for future releases… this extra code is why it matters how the ISO is written to your installation media)


I can’t do it because I can see black screen after put pendrive. I mean Lubuntu/Ubuntu/Kubuntu 22.04. I have installed Lubuntu 20.04 and upgraded to 22.04 in terminal.
And I tried download lubuntu/ubuntu from other mirrors… the same. I have no problems with Zorin OS or Linux Mint.
And I have second problem today… half of my files on external usb drive aren’t visible in file manager. Ntfs 3g is installed.

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STOP. If you’ve lost data, immediately disconnect the drive that the data was on and do not use it for anything (not even attempted data recovery) until you have made a full disk image backup of the drive.

I didn’t lost my data/files. It is visible under Windows or Zorin Os or Linux Mint. Only Lubuntu has problem with it.

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