I can only do manual partitions in the Lubuntu Installer?

Hello. I’m trying to dual boot Lubuntu on my computer with Windows 10. On the partitions windows in the installer, it only says Manual Partitions. What do I do to install Lubuntu with Windows?

Providing your release details is always helpful; as that allows us to know what versions of software you’re asking about, which allows us to better answer your question.

My educated guess (given I don’t know release/versions involved) from what you’ve provided is the existing sda1 partition was detected as unclean thus it cannot auto-resize it safely. An unclean file-system is one where file-data (inc. metadata) hasn’t been completely written to disk finally, and parts may be found in fastboot or hibernate files. Windows fastboot and hibernate should be turned off so the data gets correctly written to disk, before adding another OS unless you’re installing to a different disk to that used by windows.

The release is Lubuntu 21.10

Also, I can only access my drive from the drop down menu. IDK why?

Can you give us some further details regarding your system? What type of drive does it have in it? If it has an mmc drive it will look like a removable drive to the system and it will automount. You will need to unmount it before you start the installer. It could also be related to fastboot in your BIOS, you will need to disable that before you can install.

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Solved! I changed the booting mode to AHCI!


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