HP Laser 1020 Printer Problem

I have a WINDOWS Server running “print server” on my home network.
When I installed LINUX Lubuntu 18.04 on my network, it picked up all my printers except for the HP Laser 1020. So I install LINUX drivers hplip-3.19.6 and loaded it up, NOTHING. Print jobs fail. Is this a known issue w/ LINUX? Or is it something on my end?
I can send any info along to help solve the issue.


You have multiple printers set up on that print server? And all of them were shown except one?

Yes. I have 4. All HP’s. LINUX saw 3 of them no problem.
The HP Laser 1020 I had to tell it to find a network printer via IP address, it see’s it but wants a driver I have no LINUX drives on my print server. I guess Lubuntu came w/ the others pre-installed. So for the 1020 I went out and got the LINUX drivers hplip-3.19.6
Run the install and added the printer again from scratch. Seems to all go well, then printer a test page and w/ no luck, just fails to print.
If it helps any, I am running SAMBA and I can see the HP 1020 from all WINDOW machines on my network as shared from the Lubunu machine.

Well, first off, printers suck. Also, where did you get hplip from?

SourceForge.net , I assumed I needed open source files, right?

Why wouldn’t you install from the Ubuntu repositories? External software is unsupported.

It was branded w/ the Lubuntu Logo. And still is in Synaptic Package Mng.

Huh? We don’t publish software on SourceForge.

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