How to modify DNS servers OpenVPN Lubuntu 18.04

I cannot modify the DNS servers of my VPN connection. I posted previously regarding this however I only got help regarding the IPv6 leak (which has been solved). I tried to add the DNS servers of my VPN provider in the IPv4 settings of my network connection however it did not work.

Do you know a solution through the command line perhaps where I could modify the DNS servers of my VPN connections? (Or if there is a solution that would modify it for all connections it would be perfectly fine as well)

This is the help I was suggested, which did not work:

A friend of mine helped me in solving this problem, I am posting the solution here in case anyone else faces this same issue:

I just had to set up the connection again with a .pem certificate file provided by the VPN service and in IPv4 settings I had to change the “Method:” to “Automatic (VPN) addresses only”. I then had to type the DNS servers of the VPN provider and only the VPN provider’s DNS servers showed up on :slightly_smiling_face:


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