How to install Lubuntu on Rasberry Pi 5

Thanks for the overview. Appreciated. I’ve done some reading about RPi5 today. There is a lot to find and view out there. has a very objective comparison of a RPi5 and a N100 based mini-desktop system, on Youtube. It’s worth watching.

Anyway, now I know that for general purpose use, the RPi5 outpaces my 200 Euro laptop easily. And that is nice, but one big advantage is that my very cheap laptop has a screen and also has a very decent performance (with the N4020 CPU), and a battery and WiFi built in. I’ve added some 4GB extra memory (now 8GB), and especially in the summer time, I am doing everything with it. Mostly browsing with Firefox, reading mail with Thunderbird, and developing some code with ‘code’. And all at the same time, and it works perfect for me. I am an OS-juggler, and prefer to have a x86_64 system, because it allows me to run KVM/QEMU. VMs run fine on a N4020 with only 8GB. But now I see, that RPi5 is a viable choice for common desktop use.

Indeed. I am sure it outpaces my six year old AMD Ryzen based server as well, perhaps not its connectivity and parallel features. Although I juggle OS-es frequently, my laptop is currently running Debian with LXQt, with the specific Lubuntu desktop tuning added (mostly look and feel) at this moment. It costs me just too much time and energy to set up all certificates, handy tools etc, too juggle too often :stuck_out_tongue: I still use Lubuntu occasionally in a VM, when I need a new system to try out something. It always works like a charm.

Although I have been a fan of Ubuntu and Lubuntu for at least 10 years, my next shuffle (in september) will be an Arch Linux based LXQt desktop. Although I was a big fan of Ubuntu, as a developer, I really don’t like snaps, and some other things that crept into Ubuntu and hence mostly in Lubuntu as well.